Friday, August 13, 2010

voices from the past

hurtful words i suddenly remember from a lifetime ago (just when i was about to take my nap... these revelations always come when i'm about to sleep/ have just woken up!)--

Papa:  "No man would ever take you for his wife, you're too smart for your own good!"

The Ex: (his parting words before I left him):  "(I did you a favor by marrying you.)  No man would ever want you for his wife, you're too much to handle, too crazy!"

: (  : (  : (

and the tears just finally flowed.

and flowed.


it's interesting that they come at a time like this when i'm growing in love and  commitment to B ...

maybe they have finally come up for healing, huh...

only now when i'm strong enough again to take them... and now when i know better.

the ways of the soul are mysterious, indeed...
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