Sunday, June 01, 2008

The One

i dreamt that i was with Papa and Mama.

i was asked to pour more hot water into Papa's glass of hot water, but when i picked it up, i found out that not only was his glass still full but his water was also still so hot the glass was turning soft and "melty" at the bottom, where my hands held it.

i was afraid i'd spill it or crush the glass altogether and that Papa would get mad at me. he was starting to comment on the obvious without offering any solution (like he did a lot before when he was alive)-- "watch it, you might spill the hot water on me! or worse, you might break the glass!"-- and i was feeling confused and helpless.

suddenly, a hand offered me a bigger, thicker empty glass, where i could not only pour Papa's existing hot water into, but even add more that was asked of me, without fear of spilling hot water into Papa or crushing the glass.

i did just that and i felt happy and triumphant.

i looked up to see who offered me the bigger empty glass.

it was B, quietly standing behind Papa and smiling at me.

i felt very loved and supported and encouraged.


i woke up and the first thing i did was to pour hot water into my mug containing a used teabag from last night and which i placed on my bedside table.

as i poured the hot water, i remembered this dream.

and as i wrote this dream down in my journal, the meaning became clear:

my parents wanted me to perform the impossible, and B stepped in, not only to make it possible, but even doable!

what a metaphor.


so, B is really The One for me, huh, dear Soul?

: )