Monday, March 10, 2008

papa's footprints

last night i dreamt about Papa.

i saw Honey at the cashier's counter of our bakery, tearful but smiling. i asked her why she was crying/smiling and she pointed to a picture in front of her. it looked like one of those pictures with the lyrics to the song, "Footprints in the Sand", and a picture of a pair of footprints, except that instead of the lyrics, there were words describing Papa's last living moments with us.

i learned somehow that the footprints in the picture were his, and he was "walking with the Lord now", although in little, wobbly steps, but walking still.

Papa's left leg was amputated before he died.

i sense this is Papa's way of letting us know that he is happier, more whole and peaceful wherever he is now, as i woke up feeling good and clear and hopeful too.