Sunday, July 29, 2007

Intentional Solitude

I first wrote this for a Philippines Today column in 2003... but in my meditations lately, asking my Inner Guides what their message is for me, what I need to learn/know in my life right now... I keep getting the words, "Intentional Solitude", and so I Google-searched for this just now, and came right smack into the column I my self wrote 4 years ago...

please click on this link to the column.


the other message I got from my Inner Guides, was the image of an empty throne, and then a man dressed in royal robes with a crown on his head, stepping up to the thrown, sitting down, and looking and smiling at me, tenderly. He looked like that actor who played the king in "One Night with the King (The Story of Esther)" that I saw on video once, but bearded, and closer to my age...

and then, these words--

"It will be filled soon."

Thursday, July 05, 2007


is it
and Love
who are strange,
or is it
and i?

'just when i thought
it's over
and decreed
my moving on
after asking the Ultimate
and he balked.
so i gave up
and erased
all traces of him...

he comes back,
in a strange manner

he says
he wants to be with me,
misses talking to me,
being inspired by me,
wants to see Bacolod
but is afraid
i will seduce him!
can i stimulate his mind
without seducing him

imagine that.

what a strange,

so i gave
an equally strange answer--
"i can seduce men
without even trying.
your answer lies
Be clear
with what you really want."


i've started saving
our emails again.

but, instead of
to a folder
in his name;
it's to a folder
"New Friends"

for him
and other new friends
i'm suddenly making

is it
and Love
who are strange,
or is it
and i?