Thursday, February 15, 2007

V, As It Happened

what do you know, "life is (indeed!) queer with its twists and turns"!

when i woke up today, i was half-grim, half-resigned to bear the whole day through for as long as i can, with as much grace as i can.

but now, at 12:20 am, after having just come home from a really great time out with two really very good friends of the heart and soul, and a day spent overseeing my campus writers' Visayas-wide fellowship and conducting a talk on Peace Journalism (for which i got paid 1500, what a valentine treat!), i actually think now i really had a HAPPY valentine's day, even without my Beloved here with me yet. (i miss M, yes, and i wish he were here with me now. but he is working hard for our dreams and our future together; throwing a tantrum just because of a short-term desire in exchange for long-term values is not the way to go to support him and our Love...)

today reaffirmed an old lesson hard-earned: my joy is mine to make, and my Love to give is so much bigger and grander and wider than can just be contained by any one person!

i am sooo loved too, by many people, each in their own unique, special and even eccentric ways, maybe not in the way that i expect or need to be loved at times, but loved in their own way still. and all i need to do is to be a joyful and appreciative receiver to take it all in, soak in it, bask in it and roll around in it!

and the best part is, days like today happen for me more often than just once-a-year valentines days!!! : D
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