Friday, December 01, 2006


a reprieve-- that's what i suddenly got earlier this morning, when my colleague texted me to say that our Cagayan de Oro trip is off, as all flights are cancelled due to the storms raging elsewhere in the country.

she was very upset about it, but i strangely felt gleeful and relieved inside. my sudden thought was--- yippeeeeeee!!!! 5 straight days, ALL TO MY SELF TO DO WITH AS I PLEASE!!!

it's like an early Christmas treat. i have officially notified the people at work (including my students) that i'll be back Dec. 6, yet. so i have today, this weekend and Monday and Tuesday of next week all to my self, to catch up and erase all backlog, as well as spend the whole time just luxuriating in my solitude...

well, it won't really be solitary with the kids around at home, but we all do our own thing around the house, and they know when im in an inner-directed solitary mode, so i might as well be
living totally alone at home.

the kids are still asleep and i am savoring these few hours of complete, unadulterated silence, just me and my self, just me and my thoughts.

earlier, i surfed for "Ocean Park in Hong Kong", as i further build up the dream of a Hong Kong summer vacation for the kids and i come April-May 2007-- 2-3 days at Ocean Park and the space museum and the cultural center in Kowloon, and 2 days at Disneyland. that will require some mind stretching planning and budgetting and manifesting magic, but suddenly, all my dreams are within view, within reach now. i just have to reach out and take them!

next, i'll text my brother to send that house painter to me today or tomorrow instead of next weekend.

thank You, God, for this special, wonderful, magical time, all to my self!!!
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