Saturday, September 02, 2006


until i was able to articulate it to him, i never realized that's basically the essence of all my "Search" all these years, all my life-- i was looking for my match, my mate, that man of a good mind, a good heart, a fine spirit... and a wildish nature.

earlier in my youth, i met mostly people with a good enough mind (why else would i be initially attracted?). but i hadn't come around to the good-hearted part until lately... much more the fine-spirited kind. it has been a loooooooong journey indeed.

but, it is only now, that i have met someone who seems to possess all the first three qualities, plus his very own fourth quality, my wildish man, that i realized it was the missing piece that i have been searching for all along.

oohhh, no, not wildish in terms of the sensual pleasures.... that is a gift we both have yet to uncover. : )

what i mean with wildish is more in soul terms... someone who lives life by the gut, from the heart, undaunted by the usual limits, confident in their ability to ride the waves or roll with the punches, fueled by passion, like i do; somebody who looks at the world and people almost exactly like i do, too, or complementarily at the very least; someone who knows my heart and thoughts even without my saying nor explaining a lot, who understands when i keep silent and take space without making me feel guilty about it, who is his own person yet still loves me just as fully too; somebody i can "launch my all against" and yet not be too swayed nor shattered by it. someone who is his own man, as i am my own woman.

needless to say, it's not only an interesting combination, it can be explosive even, with two strong minds and spirits holding their ground even as they love each other so.

but, no worries. it takes a wildish nature to ride all that, whole and intact. : )
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