Tuesday, May 02, 2006

step back

there are times like last night, when i was talking with three different people almost at the same time via text and email, and, from their responses (or non-responses of the other two), i got the feeling that i said something wrong, or said it in a way that made it sound wrong.

i quickly shifted tone and apologized, and it seemed to arrest what i felt was a downward spiralling path. still, it bothers me.

while talking to the first person, i already had the feeling that something was not right, that i should just shut up and step back, listen and observe instead, watchfully feel things out. but no, i kept on talking...

i must've been just tired, or they themselves were tired or not in the right mood, too, or the stars in the heavens are not in a good alignment... certainly, it felt off track, i felt off track last night.

times like these, i should remember to just step back, observe quietly and wait for the right moment to move again, like my cat familiar. : )

there are times to push forward and make a lot of noise; there are times to recede into the shadows and just watch and learn.
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