Wednesday, March 15, 2006

patience pays

today, all of us thesis advisers received a memo from her saying the students have to submit their hardbound copies by friday, the 17th, or else their names will be included in the list of failures, and stricken off the graduation list, "as per thesis guidelines".

ive long wanted to write her a telling-her-off letter ever since she first acted up on the students' theses by making it difficult for them to get the approval sheet signed, and thus, bookbound. but i kept my silence, recognizing that it wasn't timely to do that.

with the memo today, though, i felt it was time.

with the time elapsed since then, too (plus my recent other post), my head is cooler and my emotions calmer now.

so i wrote her a long official respectful letter clarifying that--

1. her stated sanctions are not in the thesis guidelines at all;
2. she has not signed the students' approval sheet, so how could they be bound? ... as per thesis guidelines;
3. their grades have already been given, how can she still strike them off the graduation list and include them in the list of failures?

seeing it all in print now, i am even more amazed at the illogic of it all! it boggles me how a person in her position and with her qualifications can blunder along like this, entirely clueless about the senselessness of her directives.

there must be more mix-up at work deep inside, for things to come out this convoluted.

i feel sorry, even compassion, for her now.
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