Monday, March 20, 2006

gravity pull

'tis true, indeed, it is upon take off that a rocket or a plane feels the most gravity. or so ive heard.

today, a colleague asked me about how the thesis issue worked out. i said it worked out fine, i stood by what was written in the guidelines. my wellmeaning colleague and friend gloated, though, for seeing the dean put in her place. that stopped me.

apparently, most people would tend to see it as a contest of power or egos, and it saddens me. it would be so easy for me, too, to go back and maybe gloat or continue bitching along with them; the dean isn't very much liked for what is perceived as her bulldozing ways.

but today, i stopped. i stopped my self just in time, and ended with saying something like "... uh, maybe she just forgot about what was in our guidelines", but it still bothered me because my friend went back to what she was doing still gloating.

i see now how terribly unkind and unfair that can be, picking on people or tearing them down behind their backs at that, just because we perceive them to be bad, evil, out to get us, deliberately tyrannical and insulting, etc., when in reality they are as human and vulnerable as we are and maybe doing what they do out of good and wellmeaning intentions.

i know now from recent and firsthand experience how our perceptions can be fed by others' incorrect perceptions too, and the way to change our own incorrect perceptions is to expand our realities to accommodate more direct experiences of alternate perceptions...

funny but i am actually feeling protective of my dean now. : )
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