Friday, February 17, 2006

tired uterus

why am i suddenly so tired these days?

my body seems to be transforming-- i notice a change in taste to more vegetables and fruits, and lots and lots of water. then, too, there's the deep craving for sleep.

the things and tasks which used to consume me with passion and intense concentration-- my readings, studies, teaching, even my freelance non-creative writing, all seem like a burden and a chore to me now. i can only work in two to three-hour spurts now, and then i stop for a long time, and then work again... and i have to drag my self to work on them again...

all i want to do is sleep, and stay at home, and eat vegetables and fruits and drink lots of water, and blog or write in my journal, and then sleep some more.

if i had an active sex life i would think im pregnant!!!

(but then again, maybe i am indeed pregnant in other levels, gestating other possibilities, and my body is reacting as if i were indeed physically pregnant.. hmmmm...)


i'm fighting and struggling so hard from bashing my self these days, for slacking off, for so many things still left undone.

i have to keep reminding my self my New Year's Resolutions for 2006:

1. to take extremely good and loving care of my self in all ways;
2. to discipline my mind and will to focus only on what i want to manifest in my life.
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