Tuesday, September 06, 2005


my life has already begun now, but these are the details of my vision for my life at 40, and onwards:

- "retire" from my day job and work from home earning comfortably (at least P1million a month net income which is continually and exponentially growing, too!) from my writing, research, consultancy, speaking and online business projects;

- live with my family in a beautiful, charming and cozy two-storey filipino-spanish style home amidst wide open spaces with lush greenery all around, with a flower garden in front, an herb garden at the sides, and a vegetable garden at the back;

- on weekends, live with my family in a beautiful filipino-spanish style cottage by the beach or a river or a lake, also amidst wide open spaces and surrounded by lush greenery and flower, herb and vegetable gardens;

- drive around a red sports utility vehicle (SUV) for the kids and i, and a lemon yellow sports car/convertible for me : );

- travel around the country and all over the world with my Love and my kids for vacations twice or thrice each year or whenever we feel like it, and when i take them with me on my speaking engagements and conferences;

- be an internationally-acclaimed and published, best selling and well-loved author of children's and other books which become classics soon after and outlive me and my lifetime;

- share good loving and life and experiences and lessons learned, and enjoy good lovemaking and embarking on fun adventures with the Love of my life : > !

- enjoy good food, good conversations, good coffee, art, music, the theatre, hiking, scuba diving, belly dance, aikido, learning new and more things with my Love, and sometimes, with other friends, too;

- continue being fit and healthy and looking and feeling my best, by taking the best care of my self physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

"So it is written, so it shall be done!" : )
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