Sunday, July 10, 2005


it is very telling how people handle goodbyes; they reveal their true maturity or childishness, nobility of character or just plain crassness.

while working here on the pc, with my yahoo set to invisible, a friend whom i thought i was fast falling for a few months ago suddenly messaged me again. we had a falling out some time ago because when the feelings got too intense, he bailed out by saying he didnt want to get serious. but i knew how seriously he was falling from the frequent calls he made, and how he even spoke of taking me with him, and having babies and a family ...

anyway, here is how the sudden "reunion" conversation went:

HIM (7:20 PM): remember me?
HIM (7:23 PM): BUZZ!!!
me (7:25:15 PM): yes
me (7:25:29 PM): the guy who only wanted to play
HIM (7:25:37 PM): ic
HIM (7:25:53 PM): still upset?
me (7:26:05 PM): ive moved on, A
HIM (7:26:11 PM): goood
HIM (7:26:34 PM): why did u write me apology then?
me (7:27:01 PM): well i thought maybe some of the words i said were unfair
HIM (7:27:08 PM): okay
HIM (7:27:27 PM): i never played with u
HIM (7:27:36 PM): my telephone got disconnected
HIM (7:28:25 PM): u there?
HIM (7:28:37 PM): ur dad is ok?
me (7:28:39 PM): sorry im busy with something
me (7:28:48 PM): yes he is better now thank you
HIM (7:28:58 PM): okay
HIM (7:29:01 PM): take care
HIM (7:29:06 PM): bye
me (7:29:07 PM): thank you
me (7:29:10 PM): bye
HIM (7:29:36 PM): u dont wish to talk to me anymore right?
me (7:29:52 PM): we dont seem to have compatible goals, do we?
HIM (7:30:27 PM): first let us meet
me (7:30:38 PM): im sorry
HIM (7:30:50 PM): u dont want to meet me too?
me (7:31:10 PM): there is somebody special and serious in my life now. i wouldnt want to hurt him
HIM (7:31:18 PM): oh okay
HIM (7:31:26 PM): can i see u on cam for last time then?
me (7:31:34 PM): sorry
HIM (7:31:43 PM): ok good luckkkk
me (7:31:47 PM): thank you
HIM (7:31:54 PM): am removing from u messenger
HIM (7:31:56 PM): bye
me (7:31:57 PM): sure
me (7:31:59 PM): no problem
me (7:32:00 PM): bye
HIM (7:32:07 PM): dont write me at my email pls
HIM (7:32:09 PM): thanks
HIM (7:32:12 PM): bye and bye
me (7:32:19 PM): whatever gave you the idea! (rolling eyes emoticon)
HIM (7:32:54 PM): u are not my type...I dont want a promiscious person.
me (7:33:02 PM): yes sure (smiley)
me (7:33:06 PM): sour grapes (more smileys)
HIM (7:33:06 PM): bye
HIM (7:33:09 PM): no
HIM (7:33:16 PM): too ugly for me
me (7:33:16 PM): i hope you get exactly what you deserve
HIM (7:33:28 PM): u are too ugly looking for me.
me (7:33:35 PM): (more smileys)
HIM (7:33:42 PM): and u think u are Ms Philippines
HIM (7:33:45 PM): bye
me (7:33:58 PM): (more and more smileys)
me (7:34:05 PM): you are hurt
HIM (7:34:09 PM): no
me (7:34:11 PM): your character shows
me (7:34:15 PM): i was right
me (7:34:18 PM): goodbye
me (7:34:26 PM): you are blocked now too
HIM (7:34:27 PM): my character is better than urs

oh, sure.
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