Thursday, July 21, 2005

body wisdom

i stuck to my original decision last night and self-declared another day of "emergency leave" for me today.

i thought, at the back of my mind, that i could use my reclaimed free time today to do productive things anyway, like checking papers and doing grades... but my body rebelled.

every time i started gearing up for the task, my mind went blank and i would automatically feel both head-achy and sleepy!!!

so i put aside all intellectual protestations and submitted to my body's needs anyway. all i did today was do pleasurable things for my self-- doing online stuff, sleeping, just sitting around musing... then sleeping again, while of course fulfilling my minimum obligations like bringing the children to and from school.

i am feeling a little better now.

the body has its own way of sorting things out, i am learning, and one has got to trust the process.

then, too... making love twice to my man today, even if only in our minds, helps move the healing along a little faster. : )
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